[RFC] - Operations Officer (Dual application) - MattMacGyver/Kingmaker

[RFC] - Operations Officer (Dual application) - MattMacGyver/Kingmaker

Introduction and detailed explanation of how we individually meet the requirements

After thorough consideration and putting our heads together, we - @Kingmaker and @MattMacgyver - have decided to run as dual candidates. This is a decision that has been given a lot of thought. After spending the past couple of days talking everything through, we are confident that we can provide the DAO with the best operational stability by working together. We have varying specialties that compliment one another, reside in separate time zones that allows for greater attention to operations, and we are ardent supporters of the DAO with strong work ethics.


Hello everyone, Kingmaker here. I would like to make this as concise as possible, so I will dive right into it.

I have a background in mathematical finance, with a dual degree in Mathematics & Economics. I’ve always viewed math as an abstract system of organization, and with deep theoretical knowledge on subjects such as economics, finance, and operations research, I always sought ways to apply theorems and my innate feel for the abstract to the real world. Many of my academic works are grounded within this, such as my thesis wherein I proposed optimization strategies utilizing real world data on the aviation industry. I’ve worked and experienced a wide range of industries, from the retail industry to brokering, to embassy work and volunteering. I speak 3 languages fluently, with the addition of 2 languages at a conversational level, and have traveled to a substantial amount of countries ranging from the west in Vancouver to the east in Siberia, and I never shy away from opportunities.

I’m a long-standing member of the Wonderland community— an active voter and active proposer, and I’ve enjoyed taking part in day-to-day discussions on the Discord server. I first joined the Wonderland project in late November last year, and I’ve been grateful ever since for the opportunities this journey has presented me thus far. I’ve met 4 members (Ruian, Ferengi, Catalyst and Alice) of the current team in person, making me a (hopefully) trusted and partially doxxed individual.

I like to be straightforward in everything I do, and transparency is a topic that takes priority for me, so whilst admitting that English is not my native language, I’d like to argue that my communication skills fulfill the requirement, as it’s an essential part of my job at BSGG. It is the language I conduct nearly all my business in, such as providing regular and comprehensive updates to the community both written and verbal, as well as working on organizing opportunities with business partners, sponsors and event managers. Moreover, my involvement has taught me the crucial nature of time-management and I take it upon myself to ensure a smooth and direct line of communication across all departments as well as with the community in a fast-paced industry like DeFi where information asymmetry carries huge consequences I’ve unfortunately witnessed first-hand, as many of us have.

I would definitely call myself a flexible team player, and I acknowledge that this is one of the most important skills to have in DeFi. Delays on projects have become the rule rather than the exception, and I am confident people around me would testify to my creative thinking and ability to problem solve even in high pressure environments with many sudden variables. Furthermore, I have the ability to distinguish between person and project, and will put any project I am working on above myself at any time. I’ve never asked for days off or breaks, and I don’t intend to, because to me, this is more than ‘work’.

I got properly introduced to DeFi last year, being blown away by all the arbitrage opportunities that presented themselves. One I personally discovered and took advantage of, was the Olympus DAO migration from wsOHM to gOHM. I quickly spotted that people would be using an LP to swap between the 2 assets, when there was a free way to migrate on the dApp. I moved on to Tomb forks, where I would create LPs for the Bonds and buy up when people would dump into the pools while waiting for the protocols to reach peg. I’d like to emphasize that my knowledge in this space goes beyond just a hobby in which I educated myself in, having recently completed a masters course in Blockchain Business Development at a global top 50 business school with a top grade. Aside from academic knowledge and my direct involvements in the space, in my free time I always make the effort to keep up to date with trusted news sources and in touch with ongoings.

I am more than honored to be able to team up with Matt on this role, and I truly believe that we both have the skills and synergy needed to take Wonderland to the next level, alongside your support.


You might know me as MattMacGyver on Discord and here in the forum. I am already doxxed to the team and a few community members. It is not something I wish to yell from the rooftops, so I would prefer it stay within the team and not general info until we are a legal entity. I have been a community member for almost a year and I’ve remained an avid supporter of the community throughout that time. I have worked closely with the team for many months and engaged with the community to help construct a few of our current governing practices. I am seeking your approval to apply myself to the Operations Officer position.

My experience:

I have worked predominantly in the Entertainment Industry for 25 years. Much of my early entertainment industry experience is mostly irrelevant for this role (I’m 32), although over time we may share some laughs about it. Over the last decade in that sector I’ve developed, produced, and directed tv pilots, short films, and commercials. This experience has helped me sharpen my efforts in bringing groups together effectively, working constructively with various types of personalities, and keeping a laser focus on getting the job done within rigid time and budgetary constraints.

Outside the entertainment industry, I have worked with a handful of organizations to build and manage teams for product development, marketing, sales, and creative labor. I am capable of rolling up my sleeves and getting to work with any department that needs help meeting a deadline, and I have experience to recognize when outsourced assistance would prove effective and valuable.

I have also worked extensively with law firms to develop and negotiate contracts, form corporate entities, and lobby for legislative changes on a state level. I have already dedicated a relatively substantial amount of time researching avenues for creating an entity for Wonderland and working out potential legal concerns for members of the DAO and our team. I am in contact with firms currently, building a shortlist for potential candidates to assist the DAO in resolving liability concerns and forming legal entities.

I have spent a good chunk of the last year diving into the DeFi deep end. I am a member of 30+ DAOs and spend at least an hour every single day researching strategies and protocols being built in the space. I have yet to find a protocol or product that I was not able to sufficiently understand and evaluate within a short time. I am open with the community that I am not a money manager or finance guru, I am technically savvy enough to work through smart contracts and adept in understanding the complexities of strategies within the space.

Examples of how we would address each responsibility in the positions description

We feel that our individual experience in various sectors provide us with different specialties that complement one another within this position. In discussing the responsibilities of this position we believe that it would be in the best interest of the protocol for each of us to dedicate a majority of our time to specific responsibilities of this role. Overall we will work together on all tasks to ensure a check-and-balance on one another within the role.

First and foremost, we believe it is important to make ourselves available to the team to provide assistance, in research and development regarding any of their tasks - whether it be research, consulting with other industry professionals to gather outside perspectives, and ensuring that any future candidates for roles or 3rd parties we engage in business with are thoroughly vetted and meet the standards of our community. We will also work diligently with the communications officer to ensure that deals, initiatives, operational progress and technical information are all available with accompanying material that can help the community comprehend the daily operations of our organization. Together we will assist in ensuring that our products, such as Liquid Staking, and future initiatives are tested thoroughly while working to bring additional qualified community members to assist in testing whenever possible.

One of our immediate points of focus is resolving liability concerns and establishing a legal status for Wonderland. Together, one of our first points of business will be to engage in live discussions with the DAO to develop a set of priorities for legal counsel and discuss a shortlist of firms, along with their expected budgetary requirements. It will be important to narrow the scope of what we need from whichever firm(s) we engage with, to reduce costs and expedite their ability to deliver on our most important needs.

Documentation of all operations will be a requirement for compliance when we transition into a legal entity. We will work to develop and organize this documentation to meet future compliance needs and increase transparency within the DAO. In addition to working with law firms to establish a legal status for Wonderland and resolve liability concerns, thorough documentation for all operations is necessary beyond the scope of Wonderland’s legal status. We believe that all areas of the organization can benefit from having a transparent overview of the efforts and effectiveness of current team members and project initiatives. Together we will tackle this responsibility and ensure there is always relevant information available to the team and DAO, providing the best opportunity for the community to improve on our decision making and effectiveness dynamically.

Working closely with the team and community, our focus as OO will be to establish an efficient workflow with the team and ensure all departments have what they need to perform their jobs most effectively. For each task that is being worked on, an internal action plan should be developed to organize completed material, monitor performance, and preemptively allocate assistance when needed. Software such as Jira, Trello, or a similar program that is sufficiently secure and meets the needs of our diverse team will allow us to efficiently collect key information from all departments in one easily accessible place. When developing these action plans, variable roadmaps will be constructed and provided to the communications officer to share with the community, allowing DAO members to follow progress in real time.

Transparency is a vital pillar of our community. We will work closely with our communications officer to ensure the DAO has a front row seat for this journey we are all on together. Over time, there may be various community initiatives for contests or bounties to assist in completing a task or project. In these cases, we would work closely with the communications officer to develop action plans for the community to be involved in, with a product such as Trello or another platform. Community initiatives can bring immense value to the protocol and we will strive to find ways to involve the community in projects as much as possible. As a team, we will consistently check each other’s work and decisions to ensure all information provided to the team and the DAO are reviewed for accuracy.

We believe our unique situation of tackling this position as a team from two very separate places on the planet will ensure the DAO is always thoroughly represented in negotiations with third parties, regardless of time constraints. One of us will participate in every third party meeting, depending on our individual availability at any given time. Following each meeting, we will come together to review the information gathered and disseminate it to the necessary team members and the community. We will work closely with the treasury council to ensure they have all relevant information to make their decisions and document the internal process of proposals submitted to the treasury council - including strategy summary, due diligence conducted, questions submitted by the council and the answers provided by those who proposed the strategy.

We will work to build a system that will allow DAO members to reach out to us anonymously and submit concerns or suggestions that will help us improve the effectiveness and transparency of the team. We will discuss concerns and suggestions with those who submit them, relay this information anonymously to any team member affected by the information, and together we will form an action plan to tackle the concern or put the suggestion into action if applicable.

Why should the DAO vote for us?

There are various reasons to vote for us as dual candidates. First of all, the DAO would get the workforce and skill of 2 highly qualified individuals for the price of 1. Secondly, the DAO operates across a wide range of timezones, which could make it difficult to ensure that a single OO is flexible enough to attend calls with 3rd parties or perform tasks that require immediate attention. We are both very flexible, but also spread across time zones which ensures that we have 24 hour coverage on any issue that needs to be taken care of. Lastly, in the extreme events of unforeseen circumstances where one of us will be unable to perform the tasks in a certain period, there will always be another person available to fill in, making sure that no situations arise where the DAO is left in a stalemate.

We will work diligently to be a sufficient representative for our team with the community and general public, holding regular AMAs and producing informational material for the community to keep up to date on operations. In addition to managing internal operations, we will make ourselves available to the community 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We have spent a good deal of time working together and believe our individual expertise compliment each other exceptionally for this position. We both share guiding principles of transparency and work ethic, we are capable of discussing varying viewpoints objectively, and although we are both capable and qualified to manage this role individually, we are confident that we will be able to provide the DAO with the most potential for stability and success by tackling this position together.


You guys would absolutely kill it.

Kingmaker’s work on BSGG has been incredibly impressive.

Anyone who has witnessed Matt’s interactions with the WL community can see he is just on another level.

Best of luck!


Just listened to the AMA. Matt knocked it out of the park !

I would encourage EVERYONE to listen to the AMA before casting their vote - full of interesting information that we should ALL be party to, including dealing with team members potential conflicts of interest.