[RFC] - Operations Officer - Bottlecapman

Bottlecapman for Operations Officer

My application for Operations Officer

The main goal of this RFC is to submit my application for Operations Officer so the Dao can vote accordingly.

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Hello everyone I am Bottlecapman.

I am very well known in the community and I have been around for almost a year now.

I have a nonexistent formal background in the cryptocurrency space, this would be my first official role with any Dao or project within the industry, I have been passively involved in cryptocurrency since about 2014-2015.

I believe I am a great and qualified candidate for this role for several reasons.
a. I get along with everyone very well and I understand what this role entails and how
the protocol currently functions.
b. I have great ideas to bring to the table.
c. I have knowledge of most things defi, and am capable and willing to learn as much as
I can throughout my journey.

I believe my communication skills both written and oral surpass what is to be required of the role. As far as my work history goes, I have mainly taken manager roles or have been in sales for a good majority of my past.
If I am selected for this role I know I will stay dedicated to the Dao, putting in more time than what is required.
As far as any specialties go, I am currently learning data science with python and I look forward to putting those skills to use here.

My knowledge of defi rivals most others. I am fully capable of navigating blockchains, understanding different transaction types, and organizing blockchain data effectively. I have a great aptitude for understanding the interworking’s of defi such as the relationships between different protocols and their objectives. Some examples of this are AMM pools, looping, and data storage protocols such as IPFS. I look forward to learning more about the realm of defi and decentralized protocols.

I would ensure all information is properly stored in a google docs workbook &/or Word documents so that all team members have access to the information they need at all times. I intend to make use of both google docs and google sheets, Microsoft Word and Excel in order to accomplish this task.

I would record all multi-sig transactions and keep an outlined summary of multi-sig activity
both on paper and within a shared ledger that can easily be viewed by both the Dao and the team (organized appropriately).

I would provide support to all departments by having weekly team and department meetings that would address all active points of engagement for the Dao. To ensure a “forward thinking” mindset within the team I would hold daily staff meetings between each department in order to start each day off right as well.

I would make sure to establish a reputation with other protocols and I would consistently be looking for advice and feedback within other successful defi/Dao communities.

As far as workflow goes, I intend to create a system that allows all of the team to stay organized with their affairs and to make sure the community has access to the information they desire at will.

I am fully capable of verifying information and ensuring that all sources are fact checked and made known as reliable.

As Operations Officer, I would monitor the Treasury Council closely and ensure that all activities are clearly discussed and made known in a comprehensive way before any decisions are reached.

Once legal advice is received, I am fully capable of making sure operations are adjusted in order to achieve their proper purpose in an upright and honest way.

I believe I am the best suited candidate for this position due to my history within the Dao. I know I do not have the impressive background that some of these other candidates do, but I see that as more of a benefit for the team rather than a hindrance. The Dao should vote for me because they know I will effectively get the job done.