[RFC] - Operations Officer - Bamchicka

Introduction with background & experience

Background and application criteria:

Long time member of WL since shortly after inception
Businesswoman with several successful businesses in different fields
Sold businesses to concentrate on crypto full time
Became an elected team member of WL to help oversee and run the project
Naturally assisted in areas of organization and structuring workflows
Have provided transparency documentation for WL on medium
Team on several other DeFi projects where I assist in these areas, UwU, SV, Interport
Online and working 15+ hours per day/7 days per week as much as I am needed

Happy to expand on any of the above.

Collect key information from all departments and make it available to relevant parties as necessary.

I wake up and check all the new info in all my groups as a daily routine. I am up to date on all WL happenings. I have my own info sheets to which I add important information from the start, collecting and storing data. As part of Operations I will keep doing that and make info available to the different parties.

Ensure that transactions posted to Multisig have been executed and retain all related documentation.

As an observer of the treasury council I will document and relay all needed info to the multisig. I will add daily checks of executions to my routine and address issues directly. Organizing and ensuring multisig efficiency is one of the most important tasks for Operations, so I would see in what way it can be improved, after talking to the signers. If it shows that the multisig can´t perform efficiently in the current setup I would escalate the issue first in the team and to the DAO for discussion and solutions.

Provide support to other departments as required, such as governance research, communications support, and technical testing.

Pretty much what I have always been doing, being involved in almost everything that is going on is nothing new to me. Be it lending a hand in research, testing bots, playing guinea pig for discord, giving feedback on proposals, helping to ensure the team and community are informed - all tasks I am already used to doing.

Provide easy-to-use materials for the communications department so that the communications team and moderators remain informed at all times.

I would start having a shared Trello, where the comms team can always check on everything important, as well as keep working on creating easy to follow, high level overviews, like the mod-resources channel.

Participate in all external communications with third parties for the purpose of documenting and disseminating information. Provide transparent info to the Communications Officer, for DAO transparency.

As mentioned my online times are verifiable daily 15 - 18 hours, sitting in on calls and different chats is something I am used to. Taking notes and creating spreadsheets for the team, as well as establishing a special channel or forum category for investors to provide transparency on all matters. Occasional specific medium articles when needed, such as the recent bribes medium and working closely with the comms department for the monthly team medium, to ensure all important info is included. Regular AMAs with the comms officer, besides daily discord activity should be established.

Ensure that workflow and information flow are established, both within and outside the Team.

This requires closely working within the team, which I have been part of since almost one year. As mentioned before I will establish Trello for the communications team, using the program internally for the (core) Team is another goal for structure and easy to see open tasks, ideas, feedback etc.

For the DAO I would start doing the previous points mentioned channel, forum, overviews etc.

Verification of information before communication material is officially published.

Part of due diligence, verify information at the source. Be that asking the directly responsible person (e.g. circulating supply bot calculations from Tech; treasury statements from Financial Officer) and verifying their sources on chain, doing research on protocols, using alpha that I have access to - this is one of the normal tasks I routinely do, even as moderator.

Feedback from the community is collected and relayed to the appropriate departments.

Apart from openly discussing and collecting feedback on social media, I would like to start running polls. AMAs are another great way to collect feedback, as well as actively following anything the community members write. My DMs are always open and another way for the community to reach out and get heard.

Relaying the info to the parties internally would happen either via DM (if sensitive info), or in team chat and Trello.

Monitoring of the Treasury Council, relay results/info to applicable departments.

This overlaps with previous points, sitting on the council and documenting important info. Apart from directly relaying to the separated multisig chat I would start having an open doc for the team to check and relay info to specific team members when needed, to ensure they are informed.

Keep track of internal work, document it, and organize departments’ collaboration efforts, when necessary, while ensuring deadlines are met.

Also something I generally already do, as I am used to keeping track of upcoming and ongoing tasks and internally asking about timelines etc. This would fall under my normal daily routine, helping out to keep deadlines when needed, documenting in my personal spreadsheets to be able to have my go-to bank of information.

Ensure proper steps are taken once legal advice is received to ensure legal compliance and reduce liability.

I have already spent a lot of research on the topic, with the help of several other individuals and narrowed down the most promising options. A list of options and lawyers to contact is at hand, to get their advice and present the different options to the DAO for discussion on the forum, once compiled.

This will be #1 on the to-do list.

Why should DAO members vote for you ?

I believe that it is vital to have a small, but extremely committed team to execute the will of the DAO and not to vampire the treasury with many superfluous salaried paperwork positions.
I have deep knowledge of the protocol and team and will keep fighting to make us special, not just copy others.

If you want one committed and capable weapon for this role, vote for me. I have been filling in this role through our transition from the old team to the new. I work well with the other management members and signers. I will ensure everybody’s time is being used efficiently and not waste time on many meetings with nothing new to say. This is DeFi, where we get things done. I see this role as a fixer between departments to make sure things are happening smoothly while documenting for the DAO.

Vote for me so we can continue to make WL the biggest and best DAO in the space.


My name is not the Ferengi but I’m 120% approved Bamchicka for OO!


I don’t know better person for this position. I support Bamchicka for OO!


You’ve in essence been doing this role for almost 10 months, and throughout your entire existence here with the protocol, I have worked by your side fighting the good fight for nearly a year now, and frankly the protocol couldn’t be in better hands. I support Bam’s application 100%.


I support Bam’s candidacy having seen her work during the transition.