[RFC] - Operation Officer - xxxMETALxxx

Hello, All

This is my application for the Operation Officer. I am currently working in the Finance department. I’ve graduated with BA in Accounting, MBA, and got my CMA (certified management accountant). I am currently working on CFA (certified financial analyst).

I have been a member on Wonderland community since May and an investor since March/April. I’ve had about a two year experience in the DeFi space. In my career I’ve had to communicate clearly with different departments to be able to analyse financials and create . I’ve had to ask and questions and work in a team environment to process end of month financials in a timely matter and high accuracy. I’ve had to be flexible with the different peoples schedules and work load. I have to process information from different departments to be able to do my tasks.

In my career, I have to work with outside auditors, financials, collateral, and inventory. Additionally, I’ve had to work with banks on multiple different issues. This requires creating projects and assigning different tasks to different people, gathering the information, verifying the information, and communicating the information correctly to the outside parties.

The reason you should vote for me is because I have the experience, I’ve been a member for over seven months, and because I ethics requirement from my CMA (i don’t want to lose my certification).

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Hmm will you be able to commit to the time needed for this role? I assume working in a Finance department would leave you very little outside time.

That is a fantastic question, while my work requires my time. Like I am currently doing, I have built in lax time. Additionally, I have time once my kids go to bed. I usually have a few hours before I go to bed.