[RFC] Build Avalanche Liquid Staking for Wonderland

We need to raise in house developers to eventually take over maintenance. As a dev I can tell you 4 years on any 1 project is essentially a lifetime to your career. Every day technology moves and you become stale as you sit still keeping your resume high & tight in the corporate world.

At 110k/year/dev this is enough funding for roughly 4 if they are corporate backed with overhead, maybe 8 if they are all freelance developers. Point being as technology shifts so will developer interests and when personnel rolls over what then? They are not contracted to keep the platform alive in perpetuity.

It would be good of them to maybe help train some community developers on the design & functionality of the program once its in maintenance so community coders can pick up the slack over time. At some point I imagine the dev team will want to move onto greener pastures.


Is this included as a part of this contract? If so can we have a timeline for this as well.

I am all for this proposal to go ahead…sooner the better…

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Great to be a part of this process and see a well thought out compromise come to vote. I approve.

However I do have a few remaining questions: Do we have any guidelines laid out for amending the relationship at a future date if there is significant over/under performance relative to the projected numbers?

Will there be any way for frogs to track progress other than waiting for announcements? If not, how frequently/actively does the dev team intend to provide updates?

@j_rana + team are $TIME owners, and are technically part of the community already.

What kind of in-house developer are you looking for that would build something like this for 110k/year when Lido has raised a ton of money? What agency can you contract to build out a liquid staking protocol for $1mm when there are barely any experienced crypto devs out there, much less crypto dev agencies?

I see what you’re saying but we have to be realistic here. There’s not a lot of people that can build this thing, which is why I’ve advocated to keep rev-share attractive for the devs so that they have an incentive to maintain (and improve) the protocol over the coming years.

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Great questions. Who will interface with the dev team to keep track and get updates for the community?

CC @0xWicked

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Yes: Avalanche first, being the much larger (and thus more profitable to Wonderland) chain, followed by Fantom (which, being EVM, we hope to re-use much of our Avalanche work on).

We don’t have a timeline for Fantom, but we’d expect it to take less time than Avalanche for this reason (i.e. maximum a few months).

Great question. We plan to be active both here on the forums and Discord, and we’ll post regular updates on progress (as well as cute teasers for added Twitter hype :rocket:)

What’s the community’s preference for updates?

Wouldn’t the in house devs become stale then? Probably more stale than these devs considering they are free to work on other projects, but incentivized to stay on the project and keep it running and making it better. $110k isn’t enough for solidity devs. Sifu already mentioned this in discord. “There are no good solidity developers charging $175k/year. Unfortunately.”

But we could probably have them draft documentation to, at minimum, maintain the platform in case there’s rollover in their team.

Remember we are essentially a VC fund that invest in projects. Not trying to become a dev DAO.

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Consider @amuri idea on a call for proposals? I see that as major set back, and the suggested deadline isn’t feasible either, how can we assume there are other teams prepared to delve in such project. This is a matter of trust in a anon environment, i know, but the proposer has laid out many points that sets them ahead of it ( ava labs contacts, two milestones already achieved, ongoing protocol development ).
I totally get the defensive stance, even if there will be eventually competitors the platform launched first will be comfortable for the majority of users bc they are already users, ppl likes comfy.

I think discord announcements since there’s high activity there, but paired with twitter, we need more “twitter footprint”, this is a topic discussed recently over discord.


Agreed. I don’t think this would work as smoothly in DeFi.

Discord Announcements is best. Any other way, people may not see it. Setting up a Twitter account may be something worth considering as well. Not only would this work to update on development, but also as marketing.


@j_rana Great proposal!

You mentioned MPC for the custodial solution in phase1:

  1. Are you using a service provider for that or leveraging an open-source implementation?
  2. Have you considered a Multisig smart contract such as Gnosis Safe instead of MPC?
  3. Who will be part of the multi-approval process?
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I would be ok for an increase after that possible scenario, but not before

The only thing couldn’t understand is why we need our own block chain. Anyways I am giving the go ahead, as it seems there is much more commitment for the success of the product

YES LFG! ugh it has to be 20 characters they say. LET FUCKING GOOOOOO!


After initial review of the DAO discussion, the team was able to amend their initial proposal which resulted in a positive community sentiment of 95% in favor of funding this project, the RFC is now locked and transferred to the last stage of the governance process.

You can find the proposal in the [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal category

Carefully read and understand the WIP.

A snapshot vote will launch soon where the token holders will decide the outcome of the proposal.