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Hi everyone,

This is my official application to become a Treasury Operator for the Wonderland DAO.

This application is split into the following parts:

  • Information about me and my background.

  • Wonderland Treasury & state of DeFi.

  • Why you should vote for me.

Information about me and my background:

For the past 2 years, I have been working for one of the biggest VC in Germany (web2 VC not crypto native). My main job was managing their 3M$ on-chain DeFi portfolio.

The main goal of this portfolio was to find the best stablecoin farming/yield opportunities and invest 3-8% into more speculative bets.

Besides that, I was also looking for new and upcoming projects for possible seed deals.

Education-wise, I have a bachelor’s degree (Management & Finance) from the #2 European Business School ESCP and a german working degree as a System Administrator. (This is why I’m 27 with just a bachelor not planning to a master anymore, I wanna work full-time DeFi)

Now you might ask yourself: " why are you here now or why don’t you continue working with them? "

Well with the recent crash, we were well positioned in stables but my CEO decided to sell off all his crypto holdings and claimed that all the smart-contract risks are not worth the reward. Therefore all I was left doing was sourcing Venture Capital deals, which I enjoyed but I really missed having a big on-chain treasury to manage.

Here are my biggest winners on the side of the speculative bet over the last 2 years of treasury management:

  • $DEUS
  • $SPELL
  • $ETH
  • $CVX
  • $MAGIC

I also have average coding skills meaning I understand and can read solidity.

Wonderland Treasury & state of DeFi.

Now let’s talk about the current state of DeFi and Wonderland’s treasury plans.

From my experience over the past 1 year, VC deals and seed investments are no longer “free money”. Valuations dropped drastically and non-cash flow positive - money burning protocols with no value accrual in their token got humbled.

Even VCs took very big losses on seed deals. (not just talking about 3AC, lol).

This doesn’t mean though that there are no opportunities out there, we just need to be very selective and aim for smaller 50k-100k tickets.

Regarding Farming and Yield generation:

If we are talking about the risk/reward of yield farming objectively speaking, only the reward side has changed.

Yet in people’s minds with the collapse of Luna and UST, they think that the risk has changed. Which is not true. The core DeFi infrastructure is stronger than ever

This leads to me my next point:

Wonderland needs to become an accumulatoooooor.

What do I mean by that?

For that I want to show you Justin Sun’s wallet:
You can think about him whatever you want but this guy is a winner.

With this portfolio, all he is doing is deploying stables on blue-chip projects and constantly extracting value from them.

I think Wonderland should follow a similar path. Defensive pool1 yield farms from blue-chip assets and target a 10-13% growth just from farming.

Lastly, why me and how can I impact and help Wonderland growth?

My job was to find the best stablecoin or delta neutral farms, this is where I shine and this is what Wonderland needs. Wealth preserving - yield generating - farms.

For that, I’m very much looking forward to working with YieldChad since I think we have similar interests in that regard.

Regarding VC deals, as mentioned above I have experience in that area as well and I’m always out on the hunt to find new projects early.

One example of finding such a project would be:
Just recently closed an 18m$ funding round led by a16z.

Their protocol is already live and by simply depositing some funds you are able to start earning their Token which is not tradeable yet.

Additionally, I can always touch into my VC network and leverage it for our needs.

Regarding doxxing, I have no issues with that. Will 100% dox to the current team and the general public maybe later if required.

Best regards,



Nice, this reads well and I agree with the farming strategy, being a farmer myself, both on DeFi and in the garden (both with important real-world applications).

I like where this is heading, I think you as TO would complement Yieldchad’s (looking-likely) future as TM.

A bold, new, positive, money-earning direction for WL, something that I hear the community crying out for.

It’s a yes from me.


Also a yes from me. As was said by Diazalon I too like what I read and where this is headed.


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im really looking forward to this!

We need to deploy Wonderlands-Treasury in a meaningful way!

For example instead of deploying all of our directional funds of BTC and ETH in GMX/GLP i think it would be even better to deploy at least 50% of it into the tricrypto2 pool on curve. Max boosted we would receive 10% APR in $CRV!

It should be in our intrest to start accumulating as much $CRV as possible to maybe vote for our own protocols in the future.

GMX is still a relatively new protocol and higher risk then curve!

Can you give a bit more details on why you think accumulating CVR is a good idea ?

A lot of people mainly look at the yield, so if GLP offers more yield, why split ? Other than obvious diversification and what you mentioned.

Or why not buy more ETH/BTC and do that with it (exposure, etc)?

RFC has been posted.

However, after a review by the team and confirming the intent behind the requirements for TOs, it was determined that the applicant did not meet the requirement of having “an established presence within the community either through our forum or Discord”.