[DAO Discussion] Treasury Operator - Ferengi

I’m running for a Treasury Operator (TO) established under WIP #15–specifically looking to fill a position that helps to generate, discuss, and help implement treasury ideas under the supervision of the DAO. This position is meant solely to function as a team during interim periods that are absent of an elected TM. I’ve created a list of ideas that I would like to see happen with approval by the team and/or the DAO. Decisions will need to be approved by the team/council; with that said, I’ve outlined some of the investments I would like to see completed based on feedback by the community and my personal opinions of a solid investment strategy going forward.

Multisig Access - I’m NOT seeking any multi-sig access if elected to TO.

Doxxing - I am willing to be doxxed to the team to ensure the reputation of the DAO and its assets are safeguarded.

Treasury Strategies (w/Approval by Team/DAO):

I’ve outlined which treasury strategies I would advocate for below, so holders can discern how I may vote on certain strategies presented.

1. Deployment of Options strategies. There is opportunity in DeFi to take advantage of Options strategies that can either provide hedges against spot positions or allow accumulation at attractive levels. Such strategies are paying high premiums on some platforms. I would like to see us deploy a Covered Call strategy on $ETH to increase our $ETH exposure & grow our holding long term. This can be hedged by a simple $ETH short that is rebalanced weekly.

2. Deployment of spot holdings and stables into yield generating protocols. I source alpha about new farms and money markets from Discord and Twitter that have opportunities. LPs are generally high risk in a down market and can expose us to impermanent loss if attractive pairs and returns aren’t observed. I’ve recently discovered a money market protocol (similar to AAVE) offering returns of up to 15% on lending ETH and nearly 20% on USDT. I’m willing to share the name with the Treasury Council for Wonderland’s deployment into it but should not announce it here for fear of having yields nuked by a 3rd party reading this.

3. Deployment into GMX to earn revenue share from staking and boosted GLP rewards. GMX turns a profit, a feat in and of itself in DeFi, with only Uniswap earning more. Most protocols emit tokens to users whose value exceeds returns and can therefore be understood to be losing money. By staking GMX we can boost our GLP returns and earn additional GMX to reduce our cost basis. I think GMX is undervalued and has large growth potential. One of the strongest assets in this market.


Hi Wonderland, I’m Ferengi, a long time member of the community that I’m sure many of you recognize. I have been a discretionary trader for 6 years, managing personal and some family funds. I’ve primarily been trading equities and futures, but as of the past two years I’ve been shifting my focus into crypto and DeFi. Happy to answer questions.


I support this if you can quote me an applicable Rule of Acquisition for the current times we’re in


Rules of Acquisition #22 - A wise man can hear profit in the wind.
Rules of Acquisition #33 - It never hurts to suck up to the boss.


Love it, more man power the better.


i am actually mcaffee and unlike my flop of skycoin i approve this message…

srsly tho for those that havent transacted with him directly;
the ferengi listens, … and doesnt simply wait his turn to talk. this ability; and having above average information retention, makes him a natural for this role imho.
He has well positioned himself within a collective of operators that have been in this space for a long time and isnt shy about pulling on their ear for input. this is a large undertaking yes, but drive and being a team player… two things that can’t be taught; he has ability in over with us at SV… do the right thing and give the man his due… plus how much trouble could he get in without the keys.

speaking of dont make the mistake of thinking you have enough exposure to SV via wmemo…you are going to want whole coin for its magical properties. and no im not connected to the infra there, i just know what the fuck i am talking about because i am old.


I approve of this, infact, I did a dirty deal with some Ferengi’s once, midgets and escorts, was a wonderful time.

In all seriousness though, 100% support, top man.


Finally you come out thee closet!
I support Ferengi in this, knowing him outside of WL, internet etc i know his ambitions and how engaging he his when he finally finds the right room to voice himself.

10/10 trust ambitious, driven and super avalible to contact with questions
you already have my vote, 100%

GL! <3


I must agree the Ferengi is a rare breed who listens. Although your posting in forum is almost more rare at 9 months ago. I must be right because I’m older. :joy:


Wen vote? I approve this message.


I am NOT the Ferengi. BUT… I approve this message!!!


Full support from me as well :heart:


Fully support The Ferengi as TO, let’s make Wonderland grape again!


I endorse this!
Make me money! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I love it, you got my vote Ferengi. I’m seein Nagus in your future!


I would be happy to work with the Ferengi at my side. He has demonstrated commitment to the community and has been active in governance. Also, he has some unique ideas and strategies. Look forward to moving WL in the right direction and getting these positions filled.


Application moved to RFC: