[DAO Discussion] Treasury Operator - Euler

Hi Everyone,

I am making this application after the recent announcement by Yieldchad (WIP#20), and with the knowledge of how he sees his role as Treasury Advisor. I can see my skillset matching his vision for the Treasury Committee and the Treasury Operators, and I believe that I can assist him achieve his aims and objectives.

I will lay out my candidacy in the way suggested by NalX, as it is succinct and to the point.

  1. Introduction/Background & Experience

• Educated at the London School of Economics (LSE) – BSc in Economics.

• Experienced Financial Adviser who started my career in the City of London.

• Advised many High Net Worth (HNW) clients on managing their wealth for the best risk adjusted yield and growth, utilising Modern Portfolio Theory.

• In 2019 I was made aware of cryptocurrencies, and since I was disillusioned with TradFis poor returns, I became interested in DeFi. I dabbled at first, but then became more and more interested in DeFis potential.

• I have grown my own personal portfolio, with modest sums in the beginning, into a 6 figure holding (doxable to the team for confirmation), and have maintained my portfolio despite the current downturn.

• I firmly believe that DeFi is the future of finance and that we can take full advantage of being so early to such a nascent industry.

  1. Future plans/strategies

• I will vote in favour of the GLP position proposed by tikkamaslas (WIP#19). Option A. I feel that with the Eth merge around the corner we could see a sustained price rise in Eth to the
detriment of other layer 1s (contingent on bear market, of course).

• Stables should be farmed to earn interest, however nominal. I suggest Stargate, AAVE, and TrueFi to be apportioned according to liquidity and to mitigate risk.

• Look to pay out liquid BSGG tokens to holders of Wmemo rapidly. This token was supposed to be an airdrop to holders and not added in as a revenue share.

• Pay out an appropriate revenue share to holders from income generated from the treasury from investments.

• I am looking really closely at Umami Finance as it has potential, although it is still very early in its development, as both an investment and investment vehicle. It is a platform that is:
Built on Arbitrum
Looking to provide “real yield” products – sustainable protocol revenues
1mm tokens max
Insurance on products with Risk Harbor and InsurAce.

• I also like the look of Revert Finance. They have a useful tool called “initiator” that helps you research profitable pools on Uniswap V3. They also have further tools, which need to be filtered to give useful information.

• Overall, pursue delta neutral strategies in this bear market, and become more expansive in the accumulation and bull phases. Hedging is essential in choppy/ down trending markets.

  1. Why vote for me?

I see the Treasury Operator role as assisting Yieldchad in implementing his strategies for the treasury. Being on the multi-sig (as he has recused himself from that role), to me, seems an essential part of a TOs responsibilities. As I am in a jurisdiction that is outside the US, I currently have no issue to address. So being on the multi-sig is not a problem for me. In order to put the communities collective mind at rest, I would dox myself completely to the senior team, including Sifu, if necessary.

I will also bring some researched long term strategies to Wonderland that will rely on sourcing some riskier asset allocations into up and coming protocols. This, invariably, is why crypto is so exciting. The ability to 10x your investment virtually overnight. These strategies are not appropriate for the current down trend, but once we enter the accumulation and bull phases of the market, this is where we will make some real money.

All markets are cyclical and in a bear you would hedge and go to safe haven investments. In crypto that`s BTC, ETH and stables – I personally edge more toward Eth to take advantage of the merge.

  1. Current issues and proposed solutions

There are several issues with Wonderland at the moment. From Governance to an under invested treasury.

The Governance issues are being dealt with head on by several active members of the community with both intellect and ingenuity. The fantastic mod team have kept the community together and together we grow.

My purpose as part of the team will be to grow the treasury. The first part of the problem here is being addressed by the installation of Yieldchad as TA, next phase is recruitment of the TOs to implement Yieldchads strategies and vision.

I would also like to know what has happened to our liquid staking plans. This idea would provide an additional revenue stream, to either grow the treasury or act as a dividend to holders. Wonderland as a lending platform would also be a net positive to the treasury.

I think that as part of the team it will be incumbent on the TO`s to be active on Discord managing expectations and relaying non-sensitive discussions with Yieldchad back to the community. Wonderland has suffered a communications problem in the past ; we must be part of the solution, it is the very least the community deserves.

Let`s face it, farming yields and opportunities are thin on the ground. Directional is non-existent unless you have a crystal ball. That is to be expected. In every bear market I have experienced, there is a reset period, in which people are licking their wounds. But in the background there is significant work being done and new protocols/farms are being planned and executed. This time is for the builders. Our task should be to position this protocol so it can take advantage of the new and upcoming farms, initially, and then to agilely switch to directional plays when the next bull starts. In that way we can maximise our treasury. In the meantime, I think that all members of the community should benefit from a decent yield, not one that is dilutive to the treasury, but one that is sustainable until the real fun and games start.


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Nice writeup completely agree on bsgg and revenue sharing thoughts. I have some questions and comments.
The warning at the top saying your last forum post was 4 months ago. Is there reason you haven’t been active in dao governance or forum discussions? You asked about liquid staking and it has been shared in discord multiple times recently it is very close to done with some testing left. I’ve noticed you haven’t been overly active in discord so I have to ask do you have the time commitment required to fullfill this role and the communications you referenced the community deserves? Do you have any affiliation with yieldchad?

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Good morning.

TO’s are meant to be well known members of the community, I’ve never seen you before in my life here, on Discord or anywhere else and I’ve been here everyday since November. I can’t say I support this, purely because you’ve not shown to either be active in the community or provide help to other members.

I wish you the best, but I am against this.

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I agree with Sonic. It would greatly help your case if you are an active member in the community, as that helps to build rapport and trust. That said, I am meritocratic and open to considering your candidacy if you can show with definitive proof to the community that you have the skills and insights to take on our treasury.

Sifu earned the respect of many by showing his deep understanding of DeFi and oftentimes provide wise and valuable insights. My advice to you is that you can start being active, especially in our Discord where most of the conversations happen. Show to the community that you have what it takes to gain their trust in letting you manage their investment.

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Thank you for your comments.

You are, of course, correct that I have not been active in the discord; as much as I should have been. I am not going to make any excuses why, but my life has taken a different path, and I intend to devote myself, sleep and family commitments allowing, to this community.

I do not have any affiliations to Yieldchad, apart from asking him a question a month or so ago, and wishing him luck for his then application to be TM. I do, however, believe in fully supporting him as TA. I think is the best course forward for us all. Please come back to me if you have any further points.

Thank you for your comments. I have not been as active as I should have been but I intend to rectify that going forwards, I cannot change the past. What I would wish is that you would judge me on my comments and abilities from this point onwards. If there is a flaw or question about my application I will happily answer it. As I said in the application I am willing to be fully doxxed to Alice if my application is successful. I am happy to DM with you if you feel that we have any personal animosity.

You are totally correct ser. I will take your advice on board and be more active in Discord.

RFC has been posted.

However, after a review by the team and confirming the intent behind the requirements for TOs, it was determined that the applicant did not meet the requirement of having “an established presence within the community either through our forum or Discord”.